How To Buy Google Play Gift Card and Check Its Balance Instantly

As if you’re planning vacation trips with your loved one and looking to buy a Google Play gift card for the same, the holiday season gift cards can be perfect for you. Being time and money savvy, this card is surely going to help you a lot in all terms. You can also have a perfect opportunity to gift the same to special one and make your impression straightaway.

How to check Google Play gift card balance

Though many users like you who have not used this ever, are always in ambiguity regarding how to buy a Google Play Gift Card, here are the sources that can help you get it done.

1. Buy gift card from people who’re reselling the same. Some sites also buy gift cards and resell those to others.

2. Prefer buying a gift card offering 10% more than face value.

A lot of your friends would be using the Gift card. Just buy the same from physical or online stores like Walmart or Amazon and gift it to them on special occasions like birthday or anniversary.

Checking the third-party gift card sellers can be quite beneficial as they will offer you much better deals than the official store. Best discount is available on reseller gift cards of any brands which you can’t expect from authorized outlets or their official websites. As the demand for the gift card is increasing, that’s the only reason, the authorized dealers can’t earn any incentive on those.

Gain Information About Region Lock on Card While Buying.

There is a region lock kind of thing which you should know about while buying a gift card from any source. As if the gift card is purchased from any city in the United States, it is only valid within the domestic territory of your country. It is something more or less like a currency lock that will not allow you to use the gift card in other countries.

Is There Any Simple Way Out to Check Google Play Gift Card Balance?

Of course, there is an option. You can not only check balance with it but can also activate Google play gift card instantly. Here are the vital steps you should follow to check Google play gift card balance without redeeming it.

Step 1: Open the website on any of your web browsers

Step 2: Click Google play gift card image displayed on the homepage

Step 3: Provide the essential details in the Google play gift card balance check form online

Step 4: Enter the card number and card amount in the required space

Step 5: Finally enter state and phone number & press check balance button

Step 6: The gift card balance appears on the device screen and your card also gets activated automatically.


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